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Arcade Mafia
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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
8:30 pm
Right, we're moving from dead community to hopefully lively forum that will soon lead to website.

I might need someone to help me with graphics on the site cause right now my photoshop luster has disappeared for a while T_T

Hope to see ya there http://s4.invisionfree.com/ArcadeMafia/
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
6:02 pm
Goodbye kiss to this community
I little bit of love for the LJ community before danny moves us to the invision forums.

More art coming soon.
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
5:28 pm
New Software
Danny, I can hook you up with Adobe DreamWeaver to work on the website with. and I got flashMX for myself. don't ask how.
Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
11:25 am
ok, this is no longer my little site of "no progress" for I have finally made a beta website! So this comm will remain it's message board until I get forums up, and when that is done I will start whoring the site around to try and get some traffic XP.

Here it is: http://www.freewebs.com/arcade_hitman/

I will also be posting any reviews I make on there.
Monday, December 12th, 2005
8:14 am
Kinda short this time.

Mahou Sensei:
Finally done with this one after a the longest time of the final episode being out. It was kind of a dissappointment to watch the final episode it craptacular pixel vision. They left out some shit too, like what else does Asuna's little partner card do? Apparently the anime only wanted to show that for like a total of 10 minutes. Fairly good ending except for the way they solved the problem (how the hell do middle school students have access to that kind of technology!?). And yet again I emphasize on the amount of pedophilia involved with this one, and they could have used more of it in the end cause Negi was being a bitch.
Story: 8/10
Character: 9/10
Pedophiles: 9/10 (for pedo-women) 8/10 (for guys who like high school girls) 0/10 (for pedo-bear)
Magic: 5/10 (was there even a need for it)

I haven't watched this in a damn long time. Episode 21 subbed and I think I'm as far back as episode 9, not like it was all that good anyways (damn main chracter and his "acting suave" voice).
Probability of me finishing this anytime soon: 2/10

Boning in animes that aren't "hentai":
Gantz: I'd actually call that hentai in a non-hentai series 10/10 (it deserved that)
Tsukihime: Tell your grandkids that you slept with a vampire. Funny how I expected the whole "was it good for you?" line in that scene 8/10
Futakoi alt.: Not done with this yet, but I can sense it since they already showed a scene where they were about to. ?/10

WTF is up with my reviews today!?
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
8:52 am
Woah, postage.

One guy, five sets of twins that all love him. This was filled with a crap load of drama mainly because the main character can't deal with the fact that there are a bunch of girls around him. There's a little drama story with an old school friend of his confessing to one of the twins. They spend a lot of the time with the character being a pissy bitch by acting moody whenever he's around him, but in the end the twin doesn't hold the same feeling for him and ends up going right back to the main character. Now let's take about these twins shall we:

The Generic Childhood Friends Twins: Old friends of the main character and he is one (out of two) of the people that can easily tell them apart (in fact he can usually tell all twins apart). They go through a large bit where one of the sisters asks the other if they like the main character and the other one fails to hide it, the first twin then decides she won't go after him because of this, but a huge argument insues and they both decide that they love him and basically become a team going after the same guy that will force bigomy upon him.

Rich Stupid, but Really Cute Twins: The only twins in this series that have absolutely no difference in appearence. The main charcater does mix them up at one point but it was during one of his moody "time to space out" moods. The girls meet the main character when they are "learning to live in the real world" and their butler ends up pulling a wrestling move on him. The twins fall in love with him for all the reasons that everyone else does, his ability to help anyone and his kindness. They're the only other set of twins that actually say they love the main character along with the childhood friends and become their rival in the end. These twins are also the epitome of twins talking the same, I swear they have a script for every single conversation just so that they can say stuff in sync.

Little Girl Twins: Two stubborn little kids that want to marry the main character. They are almost loli to the max, especially when they say "better not cheat on us onii-chan" (hahahahahahahaha). basically they are there for a bit of comedy relief, but there are parts when it's just better to not have them there.

Teacher Twins: They don't show enough of them or there shota obsession with the main character. Once near beginning where the nurse one helps the main character and at the end are the only times that they actually say they like this boy in middle school.

Vet Twins: Not enough shown of them either. They don't really even say they like the main character, but you can absolutely tell cause sometimes I think they're stalking him.

Younger but Still Within Age Limit Twins: My favorite set of the twins, mainly because one of them reminds of a character from Kanon (the whole sick thing) and the other loves her twin so much that it seems almost yuri (and she's also a total bitch). They do end up both falling in love with the main character (wow, that's different) but have to move away but do end up coming back during breaks they have in school to visit him. I thought is was weird that they totally glomped the guy in the end though (even the bitchy one).

Pretty good series, but the butler was a total bastard.
(Tied in) Futakoi Alternative: Let's take all of the twins and give them guns and shit! Let's also get a new main character cause that last one sucked. This one seems a lot better mainly becaue of the action and the crazy cop (He's so awesome!). They also have an extremely MOE moment when LuLu and LaLa have white translusent goo all over them (bwahahahahahahahahaha *nose bleed*) and there's no way that no one making that scene was onot thinking that, I mean there was even tentacles everywhere.

Rating (without alternative):
Story: 6
Main Character: 5
Twins: 10

13 episodes 3 minutes each. Let's just say it was anime that didn't need drugs to be this weird. Not much I can say on this though.
Animation: 5
Plot: what plot?
Comedic Value: 8
Characters: 9

Be back later with more, I have a lot to write about but need to get back to class.
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
7:02 pm
Don't hold me tight, just kill me
Long time no see mafia members! ...Yeah, that's my fault 6__6 Did I mention I'm still not finished with Digital Devil Saga 2? Hee hee ^^;; I might get that done soon. Maybe. That's beside the point. I'm here because I've been watching anime series after anime series, so I thought it would be a good idea to come here and give my two cents on a couple of them:

Peace Maker Kurogane:: Man, when I first glimpsed this series, I was completely smitten by the beautifully done character designs and the cute character personalities that went along with them. As I got further into it I liked it more and more. Mostly because of the samurai-style humor and random yaoi moments scattered throughout the episodes. Unfortunately, besides these few wonderful perks, this is really your basic cookie-cutter samurai story. Take one part young brazen hero, mix with two parts of sad past and reasons for revenge, add in an evil group of rebels to fight, then throw in a couple of ninjas for spice, and there you have it. Voila! Perfect samurai epic recipe. The only problem is that it's predictable as hell. Despite that, I felt that this anime would have a good solid twist at the end with an interesting moral to think about. No. It just totally dropped me. You know when you watch the last episode of an anime and you're all like "What the hell? That's it!? ....That sucked." Yeah, it's one of those animes. It was sort of an ending, and I understand that it is common for animes to end with a little bit missing to let the viewer fill-in-the-blank however they like, but this was a sloppy attempt at that "mysterious ending." I'm currently reading the manga in hopes of getting something better. So far, no dice. In fact, I like the anime waaaaay better than the manga right now. If you really don't care about having an exciting unique plot and you just want some nice eye candy with a few chuckles in between then Peace Maker's good for that.

Hikaru no Go:: Ninja Go tactics never looked so good XD Lots of gasping in this anime. And phrases like "He's completely turned this game around!" pop up continually. I really enjoyed this anime, actually. If you don't know what Go is, think fucking hard to play Japanese board game. Also every episode is followed up by a littel segment called Go Go Igo in which Yukari-sensei (an actual Japanese Go pro) teaches you, step-by-step, how to play Go. At least the epi's I watched had this, and they were bootleg, so i don't know whether you might find the series without this extra segment. I had read about half of the manga some years back and it made Go look so awesome and fun (and the anime does this too) that I went out and bought a fold-out Go board. I haven't played a real, complete game on it once since then XD Seriously, watching Hikaru no Go makes Go out to be God's game...and it very well might be. The one problem with this series is the fact that it's 75 episodes long. Go is awesome. You are literally in awe when you watch it being played, but after 50 half-hour rounds of it...when you most likely understand very little of what exactly is going on on the board, Go gets to be a little tedious, but I highly recommend that you stick to the very end of this anime, it's totally worth it.

Kamikaze Girls (live-action movie):: Just saw this today. For some reason Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 58% (as in an F grade), but I liked it 100%. I think that they were a little culture shocked. You know that Japanese-style humor is kinda odd at some moments. I didn't have this problem being a total Japanese culture fangirl. It was so cute!!! The main character was completely enamored with the Lolita style, she spent all her time fantasizing about Versailles and bought all the cutest stuff from her favorite designer, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Squeeee!!! It makes me want to go to Japan so bad. I want to be totally obsessive over something like that...oh right...the otaku thing. I'm just babbling now. See this movie if you can then *^^*

Matta ato de ne!

Current Mood: melancholy
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
10:23 pm
Death to the heathens!
I decided to post on here since I haven't in about a month. Sorry I've been gone so long. D:

Videogame-wise I've been completely deprived lately. After I got out of the hospital (I was in there for an allergic reaction to some meds I took) I was WAY too busy with theatre to even have time to play videogames for more than an hour a night. And that extra hour was taken up with me talking to a friend of mine online, so basically the only thing for entertainment I've done lately is read my book.

Well, that's about all I really have to say. >.> Have a good day\morning\night.

Current Mood: Blank
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
8:10 am
My hard drive has been feeling great pain for the last few days. To show you the extent of my abuse, here's all the things I started last night:
Akane Maniax
Show that started Akane Maniax (whatever the hell it's called)
Memories Off 3.5
Comic Party
Freakazoid (I remembered that show outta nowhere)
about 5 other random things
The bad part about this is I have no more DVDs, which means I'll have to get rid of shit. I uninstalled Puyo Puyo Fever but kept the disc image, I'm gonna have to delete melty blood but I have that on a disc already, and I'm gonna have to hold back on my Touhou stuff for a while. I also have only about 4 gigs left which means I might have to delete stepmania songs or I have to uninstall my finally working version of Air.

More bad news: I can't get fate/sword dance to work.....and now I'm angry and I'm giving up.........for now.

Hey! I spelled Kannazuki wrong in the interests, n00bcakes!!!!!
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
8:40 am
My computer is now fucked with adware.

There is a total of 3. I found out how to get rid of one of them (at least officially) and I have my own little experiments I need to perform to see if I can solve this myself. This one is tricky too, when I do a scan it locks up when the file in question is reported. I'd really like to get the company 180 solutions arrested, but authorities state that it is questionable whether or not they are performing anything illegal. Here's my argument:
1. invasion of privacy. Sending your information through the internet such as past searches and even the current text you are typing, and by doing this they send you pop ups. They are capable of distributing your personal information (IP adress, where you live, etc.). This reason alone should mean soap on a rope for that entire company.

2. Being a nuissance. Disturbing the peace is enough to get you arrested, why not this?

3. Earning money from this. This should also be a reason to arrest all the other companies involved with this. A lot of the pop ups I get are ones I've seen even without this fucking adware. So that means if 180 is arrested then they will be too just for paying them, which means less pop ups on the internet.

4. Making it so you can not uninstall it through add/remove programs. This should be a fricken law. Someone should be able to choose if they want to uninstall something or not (I'm looking at you My Way Search Assistant). This is just another way to keep up the things I listed above. Even more insentive to get these guys in a highly guarded cell with some guy named Buh-buh.

5. Harrassment. Intruding into people's lives. Although I don't like to say it too much, some people live on the internet and their computer. This program is like some guy that decided to come to your house, eat your food, and sleep in your bed. This isn't a big enough reason to get them arrested because this is exactly what spammers do, but why don't you add everything I said about them together and tell me why they shouldn't be imprisoned.

6. Distributing a program that is very similar to a virus (so similar that it could be one). Nobody should have to put up with a program that is trying to access something using MS-DOS (I'm lucky that it failed to do that). Nobody needs to go to their task manager to end a process that they don't even want running that's taking up 100% of their CPU. This is damaging your computer almost as much as a worm would. If the program uses 100% long enough your computer will fry.

7. False advertising. Here's their crappy ass slogan "180 search assistant will improve your computer and internet". That is not what it is word for word, but that is almost exactly what they mean to say. There slogan should actually say "I'm bundled with this free software and want to rape your computer up the ass. Your motherboard is so warm! *the sound of your computer getting raped in the ass*".

I believe I make a good arguement. Adware should be absolutely illegal on the internet. It's just as bad as a virus and twice as annoying. It's wasting my time and I will not tolerate it. Keeping a download up for a week just to be postponed by a hinderence that might cause you to lose all that you worked for is not funny at all.

Don't even ask me how I got this on my computer. Pirating is full of ups and downs. No one will help you learn how to do it so you must learn yourself. This is another lesson I've learned and has brought me one step closer to being a master of it.

I should have done homework, but it is much more important that I flame these bastards. This message may be posted several other places around the internet.

Current Mood: angry
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
4:48 pm
I've taken matters into my own hands and DLed PSP7, which I am most familiar with and was the easiest DL through Lime Wire. I'll actually take comic ideas from just about anyone at this point, although right now I'm mostly trying to crank out some of my older ones. Also, still experimenting with graph paper (makes formatting the comics WAY easier) SO yeah...scanner, tablet and programs. My comp is also virus free, which means we can get cracking on this long put off project!

Current Mood: happy
Monday, November 7th, 2005
3:12 pm
Spare your Antidotes!
So yeah, I had a bad cold today. Luckily I was able to pass the time with Trace Memories, for my nifty cheap DS.

Ok...This is kinda the first real review I've done I think...

Trace Memories
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you know Tucker, you would not see him with this kind of game. Essentially it belongs in the puzzel Catagory. But even Tucker has been known to drop the FPS for a good round with RIVEN or TETRIS. This falls closer to RIVEN. You play as Ashley Robbins, an orphan raised by her aunt for 10 years, since her parents death when she was 3. OMFG! They aren't really dead. You recieve a package from you father. It's a DTS, which is an item he has been working on in secret for the past ten years. He says he'll meet you on Blood Edwards Island. Charming. Upon arrival to the island, your aunt goes missing, and you're left to explore on your own. Blah blah, you find a cemetary. You meet a ghost named D, who has lost all of his memories, but for some reason you have a great talent for helping him remember stuff. The two of you become traveling buddies on a quest to find your father, and discover why you were lied to, and discover D's past and connection with the Edwards Mansion: the only structure remaining on the island.

Ok...story is not to shabby. Puzzles are pretty ho-hum, and so far I haven't found the touch screen to be all that exclussive. I've been told however, that I will soon be using the microphone option for puzzles. The crazy kid screaming random shit at his gameboy in the mall: That's me.

Graphics. Pretty nifty. N64 style, but the still art is fantastic, and definately nostalgic to anyone who has played MYST.

Gameplay. Again, the touch screen is mostly there for decoration, but it lends itself useful, in that you no longer wear out the D-Pad. I'm oversensitive about worn out controls, so this is definately good.

Other stuff. What Trace Memories does best is take advantage of the DS as far as story telling goes. Watching scenarios unfold from 2 different angles is nifty. It's also nifty to see what the player is thinking when they react to conversation.

Tucker's Easter Egg: THE DTS IS ACTUALLY A NDS! OMFG THAT'S SWEET! No seriously, the whole time you watch the main character read messages from her father on her own DS. And there are times where you interact with your own DS as if you were Ashley. (fingerprint recognition and such, it's pretty cool.)

So overall...If you are even slightly intersted in puzzle games, TRace Memories is definately a nice little addition to your DS collection, which your friends still claim is a waste. Story is another plus, don't forget that.

Current Mood: sick
7:23 am
I've been gone for a while I guess. I've watched a ton of stuff lately and don't really feel like reviewing them since nothing really stuck out. So here's what I'll do, I'll bitch to Tucker about the comic......once I give him his software and I'll do something funny with my figures....yeah that's it.
Monday, October 31st, 2005
10:11 am
Here comes the Thnikkaman!
Guess where I'm posting from! .....Guessing time is over <.< If you answered in front of my brand new tablet lappy, you are correct. So good! The drawing capabilities of this thing rawk hard core my friends, but there is one problem: it does not support Japanese text. I found this out the hard way ^^;; First day I brought it home, Hitman was helping me work out a few things and we decided to change the regional settings while we were at it so I could start my dating sims as soon as possible. Mr. Compy didn't like this at all, so it decided to lock up completely. Long story short we had to boot the damn thing, losing all my recently installed programs in the process -.- And according to Scott this may also come back to bite me in the ass later on. Noes! Peh. Anywayz, fear not my brethren for this minor setback shall not dissuade me from playing my sims. I'll just have to borrow Hitman's computer for that ^^; In other news, I beat Shadow of the Colossus over the weekend. I'd review right now, but I'm just not feeling up to it. Instead here's a link to a little fan doodle I made with my new tablet:


Yeah...not so great XD DDS 2 has been kind of set back seeing as that I need to do some serious training for this boss, no review for awhile on that. Finally, in celebration of my wonderful new computer I'm open to any mini-commissions you'd like to give me ^-^ Don't expect any full blown fancy polished pieces, but I'll whip up a li'l sumthin' sumthin' for you if you'd like, just post a comment with details here.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Current Mood: jubilant
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
10:57 pm
Well, hello there.
since I haven't been in here for a while I thought I'd drop a line.

As Sarah was speaking about, Shadow of the Colossus is most definitely an awesome game. Although I haven't had much time to play it since Danny's a nazi-game-hog, it was pretty fun. I had a lot of fun stabbing gigantic furry rocks... Yes I did.

Ragnarok Battle Offline is also pretty cool. Danny just got his USB connection so now we can play it with PS2 controllers. That's pretty fun. We're at level 10 now... It's pretty addictive. Almost as much as the real Ragnarok.

And... that's about it. Have fun.

Love, peace and unity!

Current Mood: Bored
Monday, October 24th, 2005
4:01 pm
dont expect much...
Sooo I was cruising through my junk the other night when I found my old drawings. It amazes me how well I used to draw...but alas no more. I've been practicing like a mad man trying to start spewing out some comics before somebody...ANYBODY can get me a decent paint program. but enough of that. Below is a picture of a girl. I have a hot girlfriend. She enjoys doing unmentionable things after a good game of mario party, which is pretty hard to come by. now i love her to death, but she doesn't hold a candle to this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, we're all going to need some new pants after that...

Also, I'm having trouble deciding on an arcade tag...I still don't like the idea of clans...


Current Mood: horny
9:58 am
I have slain the great lizard menace! And eaten his tail!
Here's your host, Sarah, with the weekend high-octane-action report. So close to beating DDS 2 that I can taste it Xd And it tastes guud. This last level is proving to be somewhat difficult, though. It must be that I'm trying to get through it at level 49 when I was around level.....80? In the first game? Or maybe I'm just mixing that up with Nocturne. Whatever. The point is I'm getting my ass handed to me every five steps I take and it's starting to try on my patience, so I decided to take a well-deserved break from my campaign against God and slay some mountains instead. Shadow of the Colossus is awesome. No argument. I've only beaten 2 of the 18 colossi and I'm already having the time of my life. The thing I like best about this game is the little details. Like how your character sleeps at the save points (so cute XD) and how you can hunt these medium-sized lizards and then "eat" their tails for health. I pride myself on figuring out that you could pick up their tails after you killed them ^-^ Danny was just killing them...which is fun too. If you go under a certain bridge (you encounter the seond colossus there) and run out to the waves (it's got a large river under it) you get knocked over by them and tumble back to shore. Absolutely adorable ::squeeee:: Not to mention that the soundtrack is beyond amazing. I'm really looking forward to getting that CD at Christmas. And that's all for now. My lap top is on its way (finally -.-) which means dating sim madness is catching on. I will do full reviews on both of these games after I finish them.

Current Mood: content
Monday, October 10th, 2005
7:35 pm
Still not Dead (despite your best efforts)
Heyo, I felt really bad bailing on Danny about the comic. I still plan on getting some drawings done...(over fall break maybe?)

Anyway, I was very dissappointed to see that we didn't have a decent con report from NDK, so definately expect me to have a really nice one done for Kuni con. I have two pics from NDK.


That one is my background appearance. Goodlcuk if you can find me (I'm the guy in the psychadelic kitty hat showing off his nipples)

And the second one is at crucialrealm.net
I'm gonna make you work for that pic.

And that's all i feel like writing...wait, I have a review:

Freedom Fighters (on GameCube)

Ok, I got a pretty good discount on it, so I wasn't excpecting much. The early story starts off a little bit like what I imagine "Super Mario: San Andreas" would. You forget about the story almost instantly though. Why? Because the Gameplay kicks ass. It's simplisity reminds me of Golden Eye, but fuck that, after a while it just becomes a really fun experience. Until the end. Holy fuck, it's the most poorly done piece of shit cliche since the resident evil intro. It really left me confused: How could such a promising game fail so miserably to deliver at the end? But the gameplay makes it worth the buy (used) as long as you has some good music to drown out the dialogue.

Current Mood: amused
11:40 am
You cannot escape your hunger, warriors of Purgatory
Just this weekend I finally got my hands on Digital Devil Saga 2 ^^ I had "reviewed" the first one quite a while ago...I'd like to attempt doing a more in-depth one before I beat DDS2 cuz that review I gave sucked XD Gary also hooked me up with one hell of a trial disc of Shadow of the Colossus. In his words, this game is "adventure in it's purest form." It has a very Zelda feel to it. I think this is mostly because you ride around on a horse most of the time and there's a princess sleeping on a pedestal. Yay, Epona flashbacks! Even for a trial version, the map is huge and in wonderful detail. In the gameplay you're either exploring the map or fighting a giant Colossus. There aren't any small creatures to battle, only the Colossus. The one you fight in the trial was tough Xd for me at least, so I can only imagine that the later behemoths you face will be utterly insane. Shadow of the Colossus comes out October 18 and I have every intention of buying it, so expect a review of that as well ^-^

Current Mood: my feet are wet...
Friday, October 7th, 2005
8:05 am
This is going to be short cause of the limit of time.

Geez, I need to clean that damn interest list, it totally sucks.......that's for a later time

Steel Angel:
Uh yeah, I got another pedophile anime. This one is divided into three series but I will be posting seperately about each of them later. It was kinda annoying with the constant chibi form moments that didn't need to happen, at least they didn't do that during action scenes cause I would've killed it right then and there. There's also quite a bit of Yuri in there that seemed to work pretty well, but like always never pans out in the end.

Now I must go, postage later.

((PS while looking for Touhou music I actually got a bunch of doujinshi that are mostly hentai and extremely weird, which I find to be highly entertaining. Marisa and Alice......stop doing that, and Moukou should die for acting like Shinji even if it was just a fans idea))
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