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I have slain the great lizard menace! And eaten his tail!

Here's your host, Sarah, with the weekend high-octane-action report. So close to beating DDS 2 that I can taste it Xd And it tastes guud. This last level is proving to be somewhat difficult, though. It must be that I'm trying to get through it at level 49 when I was around level.....80? In the first game? Or maybe I'm just mixing that up with Nocturne. Whatever. The point is I'm getting my ass handed to me every five steps I take and it's starting to try on my patience, so I decided to take a well-deserved break from my campaign against God and slay some mountains instead. Shadow of the Colossus is awesome. No argument. I've only beaten 2 of the 18 colossi and I'm already having the time of my life. The thing I like best about this game is the little details. Like how your character sleeps at the save points (so cute XD) and how you can hunt these medium-sized lizards and then "eat" their tails for health. I pride myself on figuring out that you could pick up their tails after you killed them ^-^ Danny was just killing them...which is fun too. If you go under a certain bridge (you encounter the seond colossus there) and run out to the waves (it's got a large river under it) you get knocked over by them and tumble back to shore. Absolutely adorable ::squeeee:: Not to mention that the soundtrack is beyond amazing. I'm really looking forward to getting that CD at Christmas. And that's all for now. My lap top is on its way (finally -.-) which means dating sim madness is catching on. I will do full reviews on both of these games after I finish them.
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