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dont expect much...

Sooo I was cruising through my junk the other night when I found my old drawings. It amazes me how well I used to draw...but alas no more. I've been practicing like a mad man trying to start spewing out some comics before somebody...ANYBODY can get me a decent paint program. but enough of that. Below is a picture of a girl. I have a hot girlfriend. She enjoys doing unmentionable things after a good game of mario party, which is pretty hard to come by. now i love her to death, but she doesn't hold a candle to this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, we're all going to need some new pants after that...

Also, I'm having trouble deciding on an arcade tag...I still don't like the idea of clans...

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You think I like that a lot?.....I'm suprised you don't know any part of this that deals with me......Anything I'm into needs to be in a maid dress and have cat ears, or some sort of combo dealing with the two. You can blame anime for this I guess and the fact that I've never had a girlfriend, but if I did she'd probably leave cause I'd make her dress up as Mahoro too much.
That's actually a little creepy...and here I thought you were an uber gamer at heart...guess we're more of a dying breed than once believed
Well, I'm definitely gonna have to say this to you, Tucker: it's rather inappropriate for you to post something like this. It's stupid to talk about this in public. Even if you are "horny" you don't go around talking about it... Or at least you shouldn't.

Anyways, I'll stfu now. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my argument.
scuse me, last time i checked this was one of the few places i still COULD do this kind of shit. We are a video game based...wtf are we again anyway? anyway, we are also high school boys. We do this kind of shit. That's the beauty of the internet: It's public, but it's not public. And what's with the little quotey marks around horny? It's not a very abstract idea. I just thought it was i sexy pic involving video games. God forbid i should post it in a video game community on LJ which I was invited into as a very very lazy artist, for it might upset our self appointed parental unit... to a point where she may feel the need to CENSOR <<>> a pic that was posted with good humored intentions. <


November 2 2005, 20:13:36 UTC 12 years ago

yes, god forbid i should admire the opposite sex. God forbid we should ever try to get the opposite sex to admire us. God forbid we should interact with the opposite sex at all. Why? Because eventually somebody says "I want on top this time." And then you have words like sexists and misogynist running around. We can't have any of this smut anywhere near our fragile little frames, or else it makes us less of a person and more of an uncivilized beast.

If you're so uncomfortable about sex, avoid the masses. (i.e. outside, school, and the internet)