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Well, hello there.

since I haven't been in here for a while I thought I'd drop a line.

As Sarah was speaking about, Shadow of the Colossus is most definitely an awesome game. Although I haven't had much time to play it since Danny's a nazi-game-hog, it was pretty fun. I had a lot of fun stabbing gigantic furry rocks... Yes I did.

Ragnarok Battle Offline is also pretty cool. Danny just got his USB connection so now we can play it with PS2 controllers. That's pretty fun. We're at level 10 now... It's pretty addictive. Almost as much as the real Ragnarok.

And... that's about it. Have fun.

Love, peace and unity!
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nazi-game-hog? You don't even ow SotC and it's a one player game >_O. you'll have plenty of time to play it when sarah is done and she still needs to finish DDS2 first.