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Spare your Antidotes!

So yeah, I had a bad cold today. Luckily I was able to pass the time with Trace Memories, for my nifty cheap DS.

Ok...This is kinda the first real review I've done I think...

Trace Memories
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If you know Tucker, you would not see him with this kind of game. Essentially it belongs in the puzzel Catagory. But even Tucker has been known to drop the FPS for a good round with RIVEN or TETRIS. This falls closer to RIVEN. You play as Ashley Robbins, an orphan raised by her aunt for 10 years, since her parents death when she was 3. OMFG! They aren't really dead. You recieve a package from you father. It's a DTS, which is an item he has been working on in secret for the past ten years. He says he'll meet you on Blood Edwards Island. Charming. Upon arrival to the island, your aunt goes missing, and you're left to explore on your own. Blah blah, you find a cemetary. You meet a ghost named D, who has lost all of his memories, but for some reason you have a great talent for helping him remember stuff. The two of you become traveling buddies on a quest to find your father, and discover why you were lied to, and discover D's past and connection with the Edwards Mansion: the only structure remaining on the island.

Ok...story is not to shabby. Puzzles are pretty ho-hum, and so far I haven't found the touch screen to be all that exclussive. I've been told however, that I will soon be using the microphone option for puzzles. The crazy kid screaming random shit at his gameboy in the mall: That's me.

Graphics. Pretty nifty. N64 style, but the still art is fantastic, and definately nostalgic to anyone who has played MYST.

Gameplay. Again, the touch screen is mostly there for decoration, but it lends itself useful, in that you no longer wear out the D-Pad. I'm oversensitive about worn out controls, so this is definately good.

Other stuff. What Trace Memories does best is take advantage of the DS as far as story telling goes. Watching scenarios unfold from 2 different angles is nifty. It's also nifty to see what the player is thinking when they react to conversation.

Tucker's Easter Egg: THE DTS IS ACTUALLY A NDS! OMFG THAT'S SWEET! No seriously, the whole time you watch the main character read messages from her father on her own DS. And there are times where you interact with your own DS as if you were Ashley. (fingerprint recognition and such, it's pretty cool.)

So overall...If you are even slightly intersted in puzzle games, TRace Memories is definately a nice little addition to your DS collection, which your friends still claim is a waste. Story is another plus, don't forget that.
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