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Don't hold me tight, just kill me

Long time no see mafia members! ...Yeah, that's my fault 6__6 Did I mention I'm still not finished with Digital Devil Saga 2? Hee hee ^^;; I might get that done soon. Maybe. That's beside the point. I'm here because I've been watching anime series after anime series, so I thought it would be a good idea to come here and give my two cents on a couple of them:

Peace Maker Kurogane:: Man, when I first glimpsed this series, I was completely smitten by the beautifully done character designs and the cute character personalities that went along with them. As I got further into it I liked it more and more. Mostly because of the samurai-style humor and random yaoi moments scattered throughout the episodes. Unfortunately, besides these few wonderful perks, this is really your basic cookie-cutter samurai story. Take one part young brazen hero, mix with two parts of sad past and reasons for revenge, add in an evil group of rebels to fight, then throw in a couple of ninjas for spice, and there you have it. Voila! Perfect samurai epic recipe. The only problem is that it's predictable as hell. Despite that, I felt that this anime would have a good solid twist at the end with an interesting moral to think about. No. It just totally dropped me. You know when you watch the last episode of an anime and you're all like "What the hell? That's it!? ....That sucked." Yeah, it's one of those animes. It was sort of an ending, and I understand that it is common for animes to end with a little bit missing to let the viewer fill-in-the-blank however they like, but this was a sloppy attempt at that "mysterious ending." I'm currently reading the manga in hopes of getting something better. So far, no dice. In fact, I like the anime waaaaay better than the manga right now. If you really don't care about having an exciting unique plot and you just want some nice eye candy with a few chuckles in between then Peace Maker's good for that.

Hikaru no Go:: Ninja Go tactics never looked so good XD Lots of gasping in this anime. And phrases like "He's completely turned this game around!" pop up continually. I really enjoyed this anime, actually. If you don't know what Go is, think fucking hard to play Japanese board game. Also every episode is followed up by a littel segment called Go Go Igo in which Yukari-sensei (an actual Japanese Go pro) teaches you, step-by-step, how to play Go. At least the epi's I watched had this, and they were bootleg, so i don't know whether you might find the series without this extra segment. I had read about half of the manga some years back and it made Go look so awesome and fun (and the anime does this too) that I went out and bought a fold-out Go board. I haven't played a real, complete game on it once since then XD Seriously, watching Hikaru no Go makes Go out to be God's game...and it very well might be. The one problem with this series is the fact that it's 75 episodes long. Go is awesome. You are literally in awe when you watch it being played, but after 50 half-hour rounds of it...when you most likely understand very little of what exactly is going on on the board, Go gets to be a little tedious, but I highly recommend that you stick to the very end of this anime, it's totally worth it.

Kamikaze Girls (live-action movie):: Just saw this today. For some reason Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 58% (as in an F grade), but I liked it 100%. I think that they were a little culture shocked. You know that Japanese-style humor is kinda odd at some moments. I didn't have this problem being a total Japanese culture fangirl. It was so cute!!! The main character was completely enamored with the Lolita style, she spent all her time fantasizing about Versailles and bought all the cutest stuff from her favorite designer, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Squeeee!!! It makes me want to go to Japan so bad. I want to be totally obsessive over something like that...oh right...the otaku thing. I'm just babbling now. See this movie if you can then *^^*

Matta ato de ne!
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